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Silentium Reliquia

Board game 2v2

Collaborate with your fellow bounty hunter in a labyrinth named Silentium, a sanctuary dedicated to silence. Progress carefully in your relic hunt, without being outrun by the opposing team, or worse, meet the guardian...

Revisiting the labyrinth board game, the process of creating Silentium Reliquia deals one by one with the difficulties of this kind of board game.

All players share the action-choice phase, greatly reducing the time players waits for their turn.

Walking without thinking right into the relics is no longer ideal thanks to the layout of the relic's spawn points, the positioning of the guardian and the tools that the players have to control their environment.

The unequal power of different actions makes the party more dynamic, coupled with the strategic opportunities brought by cooperation. Balancing takes the form of repercussions and risks: powerful actions reduce the speed of action of the player for his next turn and produce more noise, attracting the guardian.

Team size : 5 artists & 5 designers

Period of the project : November - Décember 2018 (2 month)

Used tools : Adobe

Silentium Reliquia : Galerie
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