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Ocean Breeze

Alternatives Controls
Open World

Live the adventure of Christobald, a young guardian of the sea, in search of the four bells of the famous summer festival. 
Travel and discover a world open with the strength of your arms, your faithful sailing boat, and your enchanted fan.

The premise of this project was to take advantage of Makey-Makey, an external card pluggable by USB which allows you to solder with your game controller.


Our group quickly found potential in handling a boat with a fan. A prototype later, we are at the control of a sailing boat on the ocean and sending enemies flying.

To develop the concept of wind, we put bells as a major objective. Given our many activity ideas, we decided to concentrate all of our concepts in one world.

Our first intentions were to change from the size of an ocean to the intensity of a sea, to more compact the world and reduce the potential fatigue associated with the fan's controls.

We left aside the fight to leave more space for the exploration aspect. With that, we recycled all our existing enemies into level elements and characters.

After several months of production, a playable beta is released in late March. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we have had to postpone the Makey-Makey playtest. A keyboard version has been developed, playable by pressing F6 at the start of the game.

This project opens up to a lot of possibilities, and we keep in mind its potential with other alternative controls (VR, Nintendo Labo / Ring Fit, Motion Controls ...).

Team size : 5

Period of the project : January - March 2020 (3 month)

Used tools : Unity, URP, Shader Graph, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Drive, Blender, Audacity

Ocean Breeze: Video Player
Ocean Breeze : Galerie
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