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Green Piece

Mobile Arcade

Repair old cars into ecologic and crazy machines! Recycle used parts and fix your own on customers' cars.

Made during Isart Game Week 2020, on the theme "Make a better world".

Green Piece, originally "Cibus Project", incarnate the "Do It Yourself" spirit, carrying the message that small actions and inventions count and that they are always funnier with a touch of madness.

To reach as many people as possible, the mobile platform was chosen, with a landscape screen format to be adapted to the shape of cars, despite being a less popular format.

This project was also my first experience of production with at least three specifics teams, namely design, programming, and drawing.

Team size : 8

Period of the project : September 2020 (1  week)

Used tools : Unity, Git, Google Drive, Adobe

Green Piece: Video Player
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