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Minecraft minigames server

Along with a team of fifteen enthusiasts with various talents (moderators, developers, architects...), Algathia was an ambitious project of several years, in which I was able to test the public my first creations and understand the interest of Game Design.

During its lifetime, Algathia has gathered more than 1500 unique players, with a peak of 115 simultaneous players.

Experiences & minigames developed :

  • Welcome User Experience (HUB) (Co-Design & Programming) 

  • First person MOBA (CrystalHeart) (Design & Programming)

  • Battle Royale - Tower Defense mix (Void) (Design & Programming)

  • Asymmetrical party-game (CarrotSavior) (Design)

  • First person asymmetric survival shooting game (The Ghost) (Design & Programming)

Team size : ~15

Period of the project : 2015 - 2017 (2 years)

Used tools : Java, Spigot, Gitlab, Slack

Algathia : Galerie
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