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Screenshot_20200607-202633_Crystal Farm.

Crystal Farm

Mobile Puzzle Game


By controlling your units, operate and optimize remotely mining operations on another planet, filled with new resources.

To discover the new technologies recently released inside the Unity Engine, the goal of the project was to produce an optimized but complete mobile management game.

For graphics, the latest versions of the Universal Renderer Pipeline (or URP) coupled with Shader Graph allow to easily produce shaders while keeping control over the precision and quality of the display, and therefore the power required.

Unity’s new Data-Oriented Technology Stack (or DOTS) makes easy to program swift code running in parallel with other tasks (multithreading). Thus, heavy functions such as pathfinding or factory's logic in-game take a minimum amount of time and performance, allowing the player to quickly change the configuration of his assembly line and experiment with what he has in mind without frustrations of loading or a lack of autonomy.

The UI is also designed with visibility and optimization in mind. The player must be able to fully understand what is going on in his factory at any moment and to quickly apply modifications without burying himself in multiple layers of interfaces.
Each UI is technically divided into different layers, to update only the layers necessary every frame, keeping in cache all that is not necessary to modify.

To simplify the gameplay, the original management aspect is reduced during production and replaced by a level structure with linear difficulty, more oriented towards puzzles and reflection.

Team size : 1

Period of the project : October 2019 - April 2020 (6 months)

Used tools : Unity, URP, Shader Graph, DOTS, Illustrator, Blender

Crystal Farm : Galerie
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